Many people are beginning to consider pre-purchasing a memorial. There are many advantages to selecting your monument ahead of time:

- It allows you to select the style, size, colour, and finish that you prefer. Through a personalized design which you help to create, the monument can reflect your beliefs and values, telling future generations exactly what you wish to communicate about yourself, and your family.

- It affords you the opportunity to reduce the expense of a monument by ordering now, before the need arises. Your memorial will cost less today than in future years.

- Your family is spared the heartache of arranging for a memorial while still grieving, and there is less chance for error. By including your monument in funeral and other pre-arrangement plans, you make it easier for your family to carry out your wishes.

- The Verduyn family would be happy to assist you in discussing the pre-purchase of a monument, including design and payment options.

- Call us anytime, for help in contributing towards peace of mind for you, and your family.

Whether pre-purchasing a memorial, or arranging for a lasting tribute to a loved one who has passed on, it's important to take whatever time you need to make an educated decision.

As you begin to think about the installation of a memorial, please feel free to contact us without obligation, so that we may place our knowledge and experience at your disposal.

We are proud of the quality of our materials, our expertise in custom design, and the craftsmanship which has been passed down through three generations.

Unlike a franchise, we do all manufacturing and design work ourselves, on the premises in our own shop, with pride.

Proud too, are we of the Verduyn family hallmarks of honesty, integrity, and sensitivity while assisting you in making your decision.

Let us help you...

Faced with making the purchase of a memorial, most people have very little experience to help guide them.

After 100 years and 3 generations of carving granite we hope that you will accept this information distilled from our knowledge and experience.

- Not all granites available today will stand the test of time. We will work only on stones that have proven themselves to endure and won't need to be replaced or painted to be legible.

- We will employ every skill and talent we possess in carving your monument. We hand tool, v-cut and use steel shot and deep cut sandblast and never use unnecessary paints or coloring.

- Monuments are our only work. We don't sell graves or caskets. Working with granite is our only occupation and is not a sideline.

- Like all things in life, you will get what you pay for. By basing your purchase solely on the price, you will always get less expensive granite and fewer hours of craftsmanship. Time will quickly show bargain priced monuments to be a very poor investment.

- Dealing with professionals will ensure that a memorial will do what it is supposed to do; be a permanent record of a rich life lived, a relationship shared and placed in peaceful surroundings. We know how to do this for you. This is our pledge.